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Sport Open Water Swimming
NOC Italy   
Born25 May 1991 in Rieti, ITA
Height1.68 m
 Human Interest 
Further Personal Information
Partner Germano Proietti
Rieti, ITA
English, Italian
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She began swimming at age three.
Why this sport?
"I didn't like swimming initially and I cried every time I swam. Then, in time, I wanted to go back. So I started training more and more until I competed in my first races."
Club / Team
GS Fiamme Oro [ITA] / Aurelia Nuoto [ITA]:
Name of coach
Germano Proietti [partner], ITA
General Interest
Marti (rietilife.com, 30 Nov 2018)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning bronze in the 800m freestyle at the 2019 European Short Course Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. (SportsDeskOnline, 08 Jun 2021; sportdonna.it, 09 Dec 2019)
Most influential person in career
Her parents. (roma.corriere.it, 19 Jan 2016)
In 2018 she underwent surgery to remove cysts on both her wrist and her foot. (swimbiz.it, 15 May 2018)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Swimming for me is not just a sport, nor a mere passion, swimming is part of my being." (Facebook page, 08 Jun 2021)
Awards and honours
She was voted as 2020 Sportsperson of the Year by readers of the Rieti Life news website. She was also named 2014 Rieti Life Personality of the Year. (rietilife.com, 30 Dec 2020, 30 Dec 2014)

In 2017 and 2015 she was named Athlete of the Year in Rieti, Italy. (sportfair.it, 24 Dec 2017; rietinvetrina.it, 24 Dec 2015)
Other sports
She has represented Italy in open water swimming and competed in the 5km event at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. (SportsDeskOnline, 08 Jun 2021; rietinvetrina.it, 18 Jun 2017)
Famous relatives
Her partner Germano Proietti has served as her coach. (swim4lifemagazine.it, 30 Dec 2020)
To win an Olympic medal. (Instagram profile, 08 Jun 2021; msn.com, 29 Jan 2019)
Other information
In early 2018 she decided to retire from swimming. "I went away from Ostia [training centre] because mentally I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to change, to find myself and to understand what I wanted to do. I was letting go." She then returned to competitive action in November 2018 after an 11-month break with the ambition of competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. "I don't know what happened inside me, but it was mainly the dream of participating in the Olympics. I had participated in the world and European championships, the Mediterranean Games and World University Games. I had done everything, but maybe that Olympic dream encouraged me and brought back my will to train, and the hunger for victory. I am living a second youth. It is a beautiful moment in my life and every piece is in the right place." (nuoto.com, 12 Aug 2020, 19 Dec 2019; oasport.it, 25 Aug 2020)

 Competition Highlights
Olympic Games
Rank Year Venue Event Result
13 2021 Tokyo, JPN 1500m Freestyle 16:02.43
20 2021 Tokyo, JPN 800m Freestyle 8:33.15
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
Heats 2015 Kazan, RUS 1500m Freestyle 16:27.13
Heats 2015 Kazan, RUS 800m Freestyle 8:38.56
Heats 2013 Barcelona, ESP 1500m Freestyle 16:15.65
Heat 2011 Shanghai, CHN 1500m Freestyle 16:23.75
Heat 2009 Rome, ITA 1500m Freestyle 16:33.40
World Championships Short Course
Rank Year Venue Event Result
6 2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE 800m Freestyle 8:17.60
Heats 2021 Abu Dhabi, UAE 400m Freestyle 4:06.89
European Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
  2022 Rome, ITA 1500m Freestyle  
5 2022 Rome, ITA 800m Freestyle 8:31.30
3 2021 Budapest, HUN 1500m Freestyle 16:05.81
5 2021 Budapest, HUN 800m Freestyle 8:29.81
Heats 2021 Budapest, HUN 400m Freestyle 4:16.49
3 2014 Berlin, GER 1500m Freestyle 16:05.98
6 2014 Berlin, GER 800m Freestyle 8:30.47
European Championships Short Course
Rank Year Venue Event Result
3 2021 Kazan, RUS 1500m Freestyle 15:37.33
5 2021 Kazan, RUS 800m Freestyle 8:14.36
Heats 2021 Kazan, RUS 400m Freestyle  DNS
3 2019 Glasgow, SCO 800m Freestyle 8:12.36
8 2019 Glasgow, SCO 400m Freestyle 4:05.43
5 2015 Netanya, ISR 800m Freestyle 8:18.06
Heats 2015 Netanya, ISR 400m Freestyle 4:04.97
10 2013 Herning, DEN 800m Freestyle 8:24.63
Heats 2013 Herning, DEN 400m Freestyle 4:11.23
31 2011 Szczecin, POL 400m Freestyle 4:13.31
7 2011 Szczecin, POL 800m Freestyle 8:26.54
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
12 2017 Budapest, HUN 5km 1:00:48.3