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Emily BOYD
Sport Diving
NOC Australia   
Born12 Mar 1995 in Warrington, ENG
Height1.56 m
 Human Interest 
Further Personal Information
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She first tried diving at age 12 in Australia. She began training a few days a week at age 13.
Why this sport?
"I started gymnastics and did a little bit of tumbling over in the UK. I loved doing it but got really scared of learning anything new. I suffered with bad ankles and my knees with all the constant pounding from tumbling and gym and I think I was just afraid of making that pain worse. One of the girls who I trained with did diving as well and I went to a training session just to watch and loved what it looked like. Unfortunately, it was only about a month before we were meant to move to Australia so my mum was like, 'You're not starting this now'. So, within the first week of moving to Australia, RAPS Diving Club in Brisbane had a clinic on and I gave it a go. It's the thrill of it. There aren't many girls who get to do somersaults in the air. It's the rush you get out of diving and nailing that entry."
General Interest
Em, Boydie (ayof2013.olympics.com.au, 2013)
Hero / Idol
Chinese diver Wu Minxia. (diving.asn.au, 2013)
In 2017 she slipped while performing a dive from the 10m platform and broke her right eye socket. (Instagram profile, 09 Jun 2018)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Nothing is going to come easy, ever. It is going to take a lot of mental toughness, perseverance, and courage. Everyone has bad days, but it's when we push through those bad days that something special happens. It's a work in progress for everyone but you need to keep on trudging along." (diving.org.au, 24 Aug 2018)
Other sports
She was a member of the British junior tumbling team. (divingqld.org.au, 2009)
Famous relatives
Her uncle played hockey for the England U21 team. (diving.asn.au, 2013)
Other information
She was born in Warrington, England, but began her diving career representing Australia. In 2014 she announced she would begin competing for Great Britain, before returning to compete for Australia in 2017. (swimmingworldmagazine.com, 30 Oct 2017; bbc.co.uk, 23 Jan 2016)

She has worked as a diving coach at the Chandler Diving Club in Brisbane, QLD, Australia. "I do love coaching and I think it's great. Every coach coaches differently and because of all the coaches I've had, I feel like I have gotten bits off all of them to put into my own coaching and by extension these younger athletes. It's very interesting when you have these young kids who have no diving experience and you need to teach them something from ground zero. It's nice to take those stepping stones with them and watch them develop and it's cool to remind yourself that you were there once." (couriermail.com.au, 19 Mar 2019; diving.org.au, 24 Aug 2018; Instagram profile, 12 Jan 2018)

 Competition Highlights
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
8 2022 Budapest, HUN 10m Platform 294.10
4 2013 Barcelona, ESP 10m Platform Synchro 309.78
Grand Prix
Rank Year Venue Event Result
3 2022 Calgary, AB, CAN 10m Platform Synchro 259.44
1 2018 Gold Coast, QLD, AUS 10m Platform 342.30
2 2017 Kuala Lumpur, MAS 10m Platform Synchro 280.68
5 2013 Madrid, ESP 10m Platform 278.00
2 2013 Madrid, ESP 10m Platform Synchro 296.52
World Series
Rank Year Venue Event Result
6 2014 Monterrey, MEX 10m Platform Synchro 298.86
3 2014 Windsor, ON, CAN 10m Platform Synchro 308.58