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Steven LOBUE
Sport High Diving
NOC United States   
Born17 Jun 1985
Height1.61 m
Weight 62 kg
 Human Interest 
Further Personal Information
Wife Lindsay, daughter Ellie [2016] and a son [2021]
Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA
Personal Trainer
English, Italian
Higher education
Health Studies, Physical Education - Purdue University: West Lafayette, IN, USA
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
He began diving at age seven, and took up high diving in 2010.
Why this sport?
While he was working in the People's Republic of China he watched a live feed of a cliff diving event for the first time and was immediately interested. His friend told him there was to be an open audition to compete in Australia, so he sent a video and resume, and was invited to try out.
General Interest
King of Somersaults (fina.org, 02 Dec 2017)
Snowboarding, skateboarding, spending time with family. (cliffdiving.redbull.com, 23 Sep 2018; fina.org, 31 Aug 2020)
Memorable sporting achievement
Winning a gold medal at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. (redbull.com, 24 Sep 2021)
He had a back injury in 2019. (cliffdiving.redbull.com, 14 Jan 2020)

He was troubled by a hip injury in early 2015. (redbullcliffdiving.com, 17 Feb 2016)

In 2015 he struck the platform during a dive in La Rochelle, France, suffering minor facial injuries. (redbullcliffdiving.com, 17 Feb 2016)

In 2010 he suffered a fractured tailbone after misjudging a dive during practice for a cliff diving audition in Australia. Despite the injury he performed the same dive the next day and qualified for a place on the tour. (articles.sun-sentinel.com, 21 Aug 2012)

He suffered a serious wrist injury during his senior year at Purdue University in the United States of America. (interviewly.com, May 2014)
Awards and honours
In 2017 he was presented with the International Swimming Federation [FINA] Best Male High Diver Award. (fina.org, 02 Dec 2017)

He was named the 2011 Cliff Diving World Series Rookie of the Year. (LinkedIn profile, 2015)

He was named the 2005/06 Big 10 Diver of the Year while competing at Purdue University in the United States of America. He shared the award with Brian Mariano. (purduesports.com, 2006)
He became the first male high diver representing the United States of America to win a medal at the world championships, when he claimed gold at the 2017 edition of the tournament in Budapest, Hungary. (indianexpress.com, 30 Jul 2017; swimswam.com, 30 Jul 2017; SportsDeskOnline, 01 Sep 2021)
Other information
In September 2021 he announced he would no longer compete full-time in high diving. "It absolutely was a difficult decision to phase out of the sport full-time. There were so many factors in the decision, but probably the biggest one is that when I watch the level of competition right now, I know what it takes to compete with those guys. I don't want to do it halfway, I want to do it 100% always. So, I'm not entirely sure that I'm willing to make the family sacrifices right now to continue to try to be at that level. The goal of this is to be done with full-time competition. The beauty of phasing out is that I'll still compete in FINA events, maybe have a wildcard event with the World Series and see the cliff diving family." (Instagram profile, 24 Sep 2021; redbull.com, 24 Sep 2021)

He became the first high diver capable of executing five somersaults into a single dive when he claimed gold in the 27m event out of an inward five somersaults tuck with a half twist at the 2017 World Championships in Budapest. "I always knew that I was a bit more of a spinner than a twister and I felt like five somersaults was totally possible. To get up and do five somersaults pike forward and then turn around and go inward five somersaults tuck, it's really such a great experience to say that I've done that." (redbull.com, 24 Sep 2021; FINA YouTube channel, 14 May 2020; teamusa.org, 30 Jul 2017)

He works as a personal trainer at Experience Fitness in Cooper City, FL, United States of America. In 2021 he began working part-time as high diving coordinator at a city-owned facility in Fort Lauderdale. "I'm also living in Fort Lauderdale, where they're constructing the first 27m platform in that part of the world. I'm actually working with the city now part-time as the high diving programme director. The timing really couldn't be more perfect between the opening of this facility and my departure from full-time cliff diving. I'm very content with the fact that it's time to help younger people learn the ways in a safe environment. I want to help other people enjoy this sport that we love so much." (LinkedIn profile, 01 Dec 2021; redbull.com, 24 Sep 2021; Instagram profile, 17 May 2021)

He has worked as a coach with USA Diving and in gymnastics, which he says helped him maintain his income when there was a lack of competitions during the COVID-19 pandemic. "Obviously with the competition season cancelled [in 2020], many athletes lose their main source of income and I was no exception. Luckily during the re-opening phase in my state, I was able to pick up a job coaching gymnastics. I feel fortunate to be employed during these tough times. However, training for the future has now become increasingly difficult, with work eating up nine plus hours a day and family time occupying the rest." (Twitter profile, 04 Apr 2020; fina.org, 31 Aug 2020)

He became a father in 2016, which he said impacted his motivation for the sport in a surprising way. "I thought that having a kid would make me a little more concerned about the financial end of everything [since] you have to do well to get paid well. So I thought that would put more stress on me to do better to be able to provide, but I think it has sort of had the opposite effect where I have such a sense of purpose now outside of what I'm doing that if it were over tomorrow I would be okay with it and I would still have a drive, a reason to go." (fortlauderdaledaily.com, 15 Nov 2016)

Prior to taking up high diving competitively, he worked at amusement parks in the United States of America and Shenzhen, People's Republic of China. "You put on a [protective] suit, stand on a 10m platform,

 Competition Highlights
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