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Sport Open Water Swimming
NOC France   
Born08 Nov 1996 in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, FRA
 Human Interest 
Further Personal Information
Martigues, FRA
Sport Specific Information
Why this sport?
He had practised triathlon since age seven before taking up open water swimming in high school.
Club / Team
Montpellier Mediterranee Metropole UC Natation [3MUC Natation]: France
Name of coach
Philippe Lucas [personal], FRA, from 2015
General Interest
Most influential person in career
Coach Philippe Lucas. (midilibre.fr, 16 Apr 2019)
He sustained a broken left wrist at the start of the 2021/22 season. He was sidelined for six weeks before returning to training in November 2021. (ffnatation.fr, 10 Dec 2021)

After sustaining a shoulder injury in 2020, he returned to training in September that year but opted not to compete in that month's French national championships in Jablines. He reinjured the shoulder in early 2021 as a result of over-training and returned to competition in February. (lequipe.fr, 26 Sep 2020; ffnatation.fr, 27 Sep 2020, 05 Feb 2021; rmcsport.bfmtv.com, 12 Mar 2021)

In March 2019 he suffered a shoulder injury, which did not prevent him from competing during that season. (ffnatation.fr, 23 May 2019)

He sustained a shoulder injury in 2018 which kept him out of competition for seven weeks. (lequipe.fr, 18 Nov 2018)
Other sports
He has represented France in swimming. He won a bronze medal in the 800m freestyle at the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, and competed in the 400m and 800m freestyle events at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. (lequipe.fr, 18 Nov 2018; SportsDeskOnline, 13 Dec 2021)
Other information
He was disappointed with his performance at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, where he claimed 28th and 29th-place finishes in the pool and was unable to complete the 10km open water event. "It was a horrible period for me, a bad experience. Sure, it was my first Olympics but frankly I say that due to my physical and mental conditions it would have been better for me not to have gone to Tokyo. I was a shadow of myself and I even got bronchitis in Tokyo. It was a mess. As I was swimming the 10km, I was suffocating. I had to abandon the race because I could not breath." (ffnatation.fr, 10 Dec 2021)

At the 2019 World Championships in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, he finished 10th in the men's 10km open water event and a week later he won bronze in the pool in the 800m freestyle. "Two years ago I watched the world championships on TV. I never thought that one day I would be swimming at this level. My first world championship final [800m] and first medal. It's unbelievable. Normally, the pool swimmers come and try the open water. For me it was the opposite, I first had good results in open water and now I have started improving in the pool. [But] I have always dreamt of becoming an Olympic champion in 10km." (ouest-france.fr, 25 Jul 2019)

He has a special admiration for coach Philippe Lucas, with whom he has worked in Narbonne, Montpellier and Martigues in France. "Philippe is an incredible coach, I love him. He has such a personality, such a mentality. He's a guy who prefers more training than competition and I am a little bit like him. I love to break my times at training. Without him I wouldn't have achieved all my results. He's someone who always motivates you." (midilibre.fr, 16 Apr 2019; ffnatation.fr, 10 Dec 2021)

 Competition Highlights
Olympic Games
Rank Year Venue Event Result
28 2021 Tokyo, JPN 400m Freestyle 3:55.01
29 2021 Tokyo, JPN 800m Freestyle 8:00.16
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
4 2019 Gwangju, KOR 1500m Freestyle 14:44.72
3 2019 Gwangju, KOR 800m Freestyle 7:42.08
World Championships Short Course
Rank Year Venue Event Result
4 2018 Hangzhou, CHN 1500m Freestyle 14:23.44
Heats 2018 Hangzhou, CHN 400m Freestyle 3:42.62
European Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
Heats 2021 Budapest, HUN 1500m Freestyle 15:36.51
Heats 2021 Budapest, HUN 800m Freestyle 8:14.25
  2018 Glasgow, SCO 800m Freestyle DNS
14 2018 Glasgow, SCO 1500m Freestyle 15:15.61
Heats 2018 Glasgow, SCO 400m Freestyle 3:49.87
European Championships Short Course
Rank Year Venue Event Result
3 2019 Glasgow, SCO 1500m Freestyle 14:25.66
7 2019 Glasgow, SCO 400m Freestyle 3:39.99
World Cup
Rank Year Venue Event Result
3 2019 Berlin, GER 1500m Freestyle 15:13.14
4 2019 Budapest, HUN 1500m Freestyle 15:23.13
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
10 2019 Gwangju, KOR 10km 1:48:05.1
6 2019 Gwangju, KOR 5km - Team Relay 54:37.1
6 2017 Budapest, HUN 10km 1:52:01.9
17 2015 Kazan, RUS 5km 55:28.5
11 2015 Kazan, RUS 5km - Team Time Trial 56:50.9
European Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
15 2018 Glasgow, SCO 25km 5:06:03.1
12 2018 Glasgow, SCO 10km 1:49:52.0
World Series
Rank Year Venue Event Result
  2020 Doha, QAT 10km  DNS
16 2018   10km  
2 2018 Doha, QAT 10km 1:52:42.5
8 2017   10km  
3 2017 Abu Dhabi, UAE 10km 1:45:55.0
3 2017 Viedma, ARG 10km 1:58:25.36
22 2016 Abu Dhabi, UAE 10km 1:48:15.80
28 2015 Viedma, ARG 10km 1:59:26.28