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Sport Open Water Swimming
NOC Czech Republic   
Born24 Aug 1985 in Blansko, TCH
Height1.71 m
 Human Interest 
Further Personal Information
Husband Jan Kodes, daughter Terezka [2017]
Other names
Silvie Kodesova
Brno, CZE
Czech, English
Higher education
Physical Education - Masaryk University: Brno, CZE
Sport Specific Information
When and where did you begin this sport?
She took up swimming at age six in Blansko, Czech Republic.
Why this sport?
"I was always up for long distance even when it was in the swimming pool. The turning point was changing coach to Tobias [Zdenek]. I started to train with a group of boys and we were raising the number of kilometres [we swam at training], trying 5km. I qualified for the European and world championships and I found that open water swimming in long distance suits me."
Club / Team
Kometa Brno: Czech Republic
General Interest
In 2015 she had serious respiratory problems and in October 2015 she had her tonsils removed. (silvierybarova.cz, 05 Oct 2015)
Sporting philosophy / motto
"Life is not measured by the breaths, but by the moments we were breathtaking." (silvierybarova.cz, 20 Jun 2015)
Awards and honours
She was named the 2014 Czech Republic Open Water Swimmer of the Year. (ceskatelevize.cz, 04 Feb 2015)
Other information
She had not competed since she gave birth to her first daughter Terezka in 2017 and announced her retirement in 2020. "My last race was in 2016. I knew then that my body would no longer allow me to continue with this sport, in my head was, 'I'm done'. Being pregnant was a kind of deliverance for me. Soon, in May 2020, my husband and I are expecting a second addition, so it is clear. Every day I see our little daughter and my mind and body change in pregnancy, I feel a naturalness that no success can replace. You may win something [in sports], but in time it goes away." (bezfrazi.cz, 12 Feb 2020; Facebook profile, 12 Feb 2020)

She has a PhD from the Masaryk University's Faculty of Sports Studies in Brno, Czech Republic. (bezfrazi.cz, 12 Feb 2020)

She works as a swimming coach at the Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. (bezfrazi.cz, 12 Feb 2020)

 Competition Highlights
European Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
Heats 2006 Budapest, HUN 400m Individual Medley 4:58.17
Heats 2006 Budapest, HUN 200m Butterfly 2:19.71
European Championships Short Course
Rank Year Venue Event Result
25 2008 Rijeka, CRO 200m Butterfly 2:16.47
20 2008 Rijeka, CRO 400m Individual Medley 4:45.36
19 2005 Trieste, ITA 400m Individual Medley 4:54.90
22 2005 Trieste, ITA 200m Butterfly 2:19.84
30 2003 Dublin, IRL 200m Butterfly 2:19.54
22 2003 Dublin, IRL 400m Individual Medley 4:55.38
World Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
  2015 Kazan, RUS 25km  DNF
28 2013 Barcelona, ESP 10km 1:58:55.3
14 2013 Barcelona, ESP 25km 5:22:42.4
29 2011 Shanghai, CHN 10km 2:05:30.5
9 2011 Shanghai, CHN 25km 5:29:51.3
30 2009 Rome, ITA 5 km 59:37.8
23 2009 Rome, ITA 10km 2:02:06.5
European Championships
Rank Year Venue Event Result
20 2016 Hoorn, NED 10km 2:11:13.1
  2016 Hoorn, NED 25km  DNF
9 2014 Berlin, GER 25km 5:24:42.1
24 2014 Berlin, GER 10km 2:03:57.5
4 2012 Piombino, ITA 25km 5:37:27.4
14 2012 Piombino, ITA 10km 2:13:43.3
8 2012 Piombino, ITA 5km - Team Time Trial 1:03:22.3
8 2011 Eilat, ISR 25km 5:27:51.7
13 2010 Balatonfüred, HUN 5 km 1:05:22.3
12 2010 Balatonfüred, HUN 25km 5:50:52.1
World Cup
Rank Year Venue Event Result
17 2016 Balatonfüred, HUN 10km 2:03:05.57
14 2016 Viedma, ARG 10km 2:08:44
43 2015 San Miguel de Cozumel, MEX 10km 1:55:35.00
12 2014 Cancún, MEX 10km 2:13:13
12 2014 Lac St. Jean, QC, CAN 10km 2:10:22.2
35 2013 San Miguel de Cozumel, MEX 10km 2:18:07.90
14 2012 Cancún, MEX 10km 2:12:37.32
19 2012 Eilat, ISR 10km 2:03:31.30
22 2012 Santos, BRA 10km 2:27:14.60